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Jul 25, 2011

HollywoodPoker  tournament  GSOP  satellite 

GSOP VII features more tournaments, more attractive sidebet action, and more prize money, over 3 million dollars! Grand Series of Poker makes a 7th run!

There will be 19 Events for GSOP VII, with a guaranteed prize pool of $3,100,000! Also, you can spice up your GSOP experience betting against other high rollers. This is not for more money alone, but also for a ticket to one of the GSOP VII events! GSOP VII proves to be the grandest yet! Can you say no to this chance to clean up a huge sum of prize money and take home a GSOP crown? Qualifiers will begin on August 1st, 2011 so check out HollywoodPoker's lobby on that date.

Mini rides along GSOP VII
There's a little something for everyone at HollywoodPoker. If you want to win tons of money but you consider the GSOP VII stakes to be too high, GSOP's little brother is here to save the day. With modest buy-ins, you can win as much as $200,000 at the GSOP Grand Slam Mini Final! You can buy into the Mini events with as little as $5. That's merely a drop in the bucket, if you consider that a total of $600,000 is guaranteed in the GSOP Mini tournaments. 19 Mini events will be held, so that's 19 times the excitement and 19 times the winnings!

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